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BIEL 2017

"We participated in the BIEL 2017 with booth 2A-10, held between the 13th and 16th of this month of September.

We take advantage of this opportunity, valued by our industry, to make known the companies that make up us, Transformers Miron, CAT Miron, Nova Miron and Solar Miron (new division of Electromecánica Brenta S.A)."

We want to thank all our customers and friends who came to our stand to share a moment of distention and we hope to have lived up to their expectations with our amenities.

Looking for new Horizons

One more time, with our management team, we are doing a new effort in order to increase our client list. We are introducing ourselves as exhibitors  in the first Mining Industry suppliers exhibition that  took place in Oruro – Bolivia- from August 17th to 21st . The city of Oruro has 250.000 inhabitants and it’s located 270 km from La Paz City at 4500 meter over the sea level and its production is mainly mining based. A large part of the population is dedicated to the legal and/or illegal sale of imported products from the Chilean  harbor of Iquique, Later on these products are distributed to different Bolivian cities. On those days we were able to get an important amount of new contacts and we has a big demand of requests and valuations. We are convinces that some of them is going to develop in a purchase confirmation.
We also visited the Oruro Energy Company (ELFEOSA) where we registered ourselves as suppliers and they told us that they have some MIRON transformers of former times and that they are going to keep us in mind for future needs.
Once the exhibition was over, we visited Santa Cruz de la Sierra city in oder to participate on August 24th and 25th  in the 4th Energy and Gas Conference where we were able to exchange information with buyers from other companies.

In September we will be participating as exhibitors in Conexpo Patagonía 2011 that is organizaed by  Ingeniería Eléctrica magazine, on 22nd and 23rd  in Comodoro Rivadavia and also in Expocruz 2011 that will take place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia from  September 15th to 26th.

BIEL light + building 2011

Last November, from Tuesday 8th to Saturday 28th, we have participated in the exhibition BIEL light + building 2011. It was celebrated in La Rural Predio Ferial, Buenos Aires City, in Buenos Aires province.
Our main goal is to generate prospects and to maintain our regular customers.  We think that this way of exposing ourselves in the exhibition, is an additional way of promoting or values, as to pass on the development of new products. We are grateful to everyone who came to visit our stand.

EXPOCRUZ – BOLIVIA - Septiembre 2009

Del 18 al 28 de Septiembre participaremos con nuestro Stand en este importante evento que se realiza todos los años en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
El mismo convoca gran cantidad de visitantes provenientes de las ciudades de Bolivia, como asi también de varios países del Continente Americano y Europeo.


From September 18th to 28th we will participate with our stand in this important event that takes place every year in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
This event summons a big amount of visitors coming from Bolivian cities, and other American and European countries.

5º Edición de la EPSam 2008

We particpated with a stand in CONEXPO NOA, where we had the chance to interact with potential costumers. We receive a high volume of inquiries about our products and we were able to consolidate our presence in the region.
We appreciate the warm welcoming given by the people from Tucuman and we are lookinf forward to visiting them again soon.


We have participated in the 5th edition of the EPSAM 2008 -– Exposición Pymes San Martin –
That took place from September 11th to 14th in Yrigoyen Park, Migueletes Exhibition center.
This exhibition was organized by the General San Martín City Hall as well as the Sanmartinense Economic Chamber.

This mega exhibition was developed in a 14 thousand square meters venue, and the metallurgic industry, the wood and furniture sector, textile area, shoe and clothing industry, and IT were there.
EPSam 2008 was an oportunity in order to advertise our products and services, to generate new costumers and to create national and international commercial bonds.

We want to say thanks to everybody who visisted our stand.
BIEL light + building 2007

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