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The manufacture of these transformers is based on one-piece structure made of reinforced concrete. This type of manufacture prevents from water leaks and it has an important structure resistance.
The material that is used is concrete with a minimum resistance to the compression of 250 kg/cm2, within 28 days of elaboration.

It is designed to allocate in its interior the following components that are specified according to the needs:
A MT switchboard integrated by cells of 13,2kV compacted in SF6.
A distribution transformer  13,2/0,400kV of the Integral Filling type
A  BT table according to the requirement, that can allocate disconnectors under charge, individual exits with automatic interrupters, etc.
A capacitors storage for reactive compensation.
A built-in cabinet for the meter in the side wall.


• Highest security of the exploitation and integration with the landscape remarkably decreasing the impact of the traditional substations.
• We succeeded in performing the equipment assembly entirely inside the factory complying with quality controls.
 • The substation transferal, installation, maintenance and removal is easier in case of repositioning
• Plot pollution is avoided in case of liquid leaks in the transformer.
• Magnetic pollution is removed from the station to the exterior.

In case of supplying to a T3 client, a wall built-in meter can be placed so it can be read from the exterior.

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