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Transformador de llenado integral
Genaral Layout with normal accesories
1.Feature plate.
2. Sample faucet.
3. Drain faucet.
4. Connector to land.
5. Elevation and removal eyebolts.
6. Two pods for the mercury thermometer.
7. Plain wheels that can be rotated in two perpendicular directions.
8. Tension switchboard.
9. Filling lid.
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These transformers are designed to be used in electricity nets; they can be set up in chambers or in platforms in the open air. They are made in mineral oil bath, without expansion tank and without air dehydration device (silicagel).

They are produces upon request of the client, since there are Energy companies that need this kind of transformer for distribution of energy under their service scope.

These types of transformers comply with the regulations IRAM 2250, with the exception of the expansion tank.

Among its main features we can highlight its compact design, less time of maintenance, reduce priced compared to the same capacity with expansion tank (Distribution transformers), the lack of expansion tank and the nitrogen chamber.

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