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Transformador de potencia
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In "MIRON Transformers" we produce Power and Undertransmition transformers in a range from 1.5 to 25 MVA and with tensions according to the client requirement up to 35 KV in the frequency of 50 and 60 hz.

These transformers are used in transformers substations, generators and large users.

These equipments can be manufactures with switchboards without tension and/or automatic under charge, according to the requirements of the service in which they will be used, following the particular  regulations IRAM, IEC, ANSI, or particular guidelines of our customers.

We also offer specific solutions for special orders in order to satisfy all the requirements that are related to each type of operation according to IRAM and IEC regulations.

Bermejo 1560 / San Andrés / Prov. de Buenos Aires / Argentina
Teléfono: (54-11) 4838-1596 / 97

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