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General Layout with normal accessories
1. Exploders.
2. Elevation eyebolts.
3. Tension switchboard.
4. Connector to land.
5. Feature plate.
6. Drain stopper.
7. Bridle to fix to the pole.
8. Filling lid and sample taking.
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These transformers are designed to be used in the rural electricity nets; they can be set up in the open air, directly on a wood or concrete pole. They are made in mineral oil bath, hermetically sealed, without expansion tank and without air dryer.

• Regulation: IRAM N˚2247 y 2279
• Frequency: 50 Hz.
• Connection group: Dyn 11.
• Commutation: The switchboard is triggered from the outside while the transformer is not connected. It allows tension variations of +  5%.

Single-phase Transformers
• Power: 5, 10, 16 y 25 KVA.
• Tension:
Single pole
Medium-voltage: 7620 V with a pass-through isolator (for the connection between phase and land of a Three-phase line of 13200 V with a neutral of return by land)
Low-voltage: 231 V in vaccun (to feed 220 V circuits).
Medium-voltage: 13200 V with two pass-through isolators (for the connection between two phases of a Three-phase line of 13200 V)
Low-voltage: 231 V in vaccun (to feed 220 V circuits).

Three-phase Transformers
• Power: 10, 16, 25, 40 y 63 KVA.
• Tension:
Medium-voltage: 13200 V.
Low-voltage: 400 – 231 V (to feed 380 – 220 V circuits)

Special units with power, tension and special features can be manufactured on deman.
Reception testing
The routine testing specified in the regulation IRAM 2250 will be executed in every transformer, delivering in each supply a test protocol. Type tests will be executed on demand.

All of our transformers will be delivered with a certificate PCB free.

The design of our equipments is in constant revision and enhancement, that is the reason why any equipment supplied can be different in some details to the product depict in this website.

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