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Electromecánica Brenta SA is an Argentinean company that is dedicated to the construction of electromechanical equipment, mainly electrical transformers of high and medium voltage under the brand Miron Transformers.  Our activity started in July 2000.

The former directors,  the current ones and all of them who are included in  key positions have themselves  extensive business experience. At this point it is essential to highlight the work of Antonia Miron, one of the most relevant  members of the transformer industry in the 20th century in the country. (Year 1956).

A natural enterprising and innovator, he developed the transformer industry in the region, under different company brands as  Miron SH, Miron Hermanos SRL or Establecimientos Miron SA.  He has been one of the pioneer in exportation to America, in European and North American technologies acquisition as well as own developments that changed the industry paradigms.

Tha transformers, used in the countryside for energy  generation, transmission and distribution, have had a strong increasing demand since the year 2002.

Electromecánica Brenta SA  have made a strong effort in order to take care of its private costumers, important users of the Wholesale Electric Market, as well as food industries, urban  projects, sales centers, distribution companies as Electric Cooperatives, by  the diversification of risks of market variation.

Counting on the strength that is provided by Transformadores Miron, Electromecánica Brenta SA  has developed different markets outside Argentina,  selling to the world 20% of the production.

In a 4000 m2  building, located in Partido de San Martín, that was bought in December 2007, human resources that are specialized, tools, equipment, machinery and own technology interact together and it gives to Electromecánica Brenta SA a unique position in the market due to its capacity and its adaptability to the specifics need of each client.  The growth has been constant not only related to the quantity and fidelity of the new clients but also related to sales increasing 8 times between 2005 and the present.

Watching into the future, despite the cyclical economic swings, the energetic demand keeps growing around the world based in  the consumer habits changes, In Argentina this growth is even bigger, that is why the perspective is very favorable even though the scenario presents a moderate optimism. This situation provides the company with a challenge of self-improvement in order to capitalize these opportunities.

Bermejo 1560 / San Andrés / Prov. de Buenos Aires / Argentina
Teléfono: (54-11) 4838-1596 / 97

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